2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Style

This new 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid is all that we`ve wanted for the upcoming year. This addition to the hybrid market is the reason why that could be the most interesting market to watch next year. You`re probably wondering why is that. Well, the answer is simple. Toyota is one of the finest car producers on the market and with the arrival of this newest SUV, we`re sure that they`re going to become even closer to the customers. Knowing that this new C-HR is going to arrive with a hybrid engine as the option, he`s even better. Take a look at everything that`s making him so special.

2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Front

2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Exterior Review, Style

When it comes to the exterior design, we can honestly say that the new 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid is made based on some other Toyota`s SUVs. That`s more than justified move from Toyota`s engineers because they have made some brilliant SUV models. For example, new C-HR really looks similar to the Land Cruiser and HR combination. Combining those two, Toyota gets a completely new model that`s created to do all good things to the Toyota`s customers. The shape is closer to the HR while some of the details are closer to the Land Cruiser. For example, the front fascia is almost similar to the Land Cruiser. It is equipped with the wide grille that has so many new vertical bars. All of them are made from chrome to make this car shine. That way, new C-HR is heading to the luxury market.

The headlights are wider than before which is the great way to increase the visibility. Brand new set of lamps are announced for 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid. That`s one of the perfect ways to show that your model is heading to the future. It is arriving on the 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels. Those wheels are more than stunning and perfect for an off-road driving experience. The back side is brilliant as well. Looking at it, we can notice that the taillights are wider than before and that makes them closer to one another. Besides that it makes him look sportier, we are sure that increases his safety experience. One of the changes on the back is improved shape and style of the exhaustion pipes.

2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Cabin

2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Interior Design, Specs

As always, Toyota`s engineers and designers and paying the most attention to the cabin design and look. For that cause, they have made almost completely new cabin for the 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid. It is made using top quality Alcantara leather. With them, the customers comfort level is raised to the maximum so far. But, knowing Toyota, that isn`t the only thing they`re going to do to increase the comfort level of the passengers. They`re going to change the way how the seats look. They`re now bigger than before and shaped in that brilliant bucket-shape. What is interesting about those seats is that they can be adjusted in more than 15 directions. Now, the adjustment is available just by pressing one of the buttons. Those buttons are now jammed on the steering wheel.

Next thing you`re going to notice inside new 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid is the instrument board. It is bigger than before but equipped with fewer buttons. Those fewer buttons mean that you`re going to have easier control of all functions. There are so many new features installed but Toyota is being Toyota right now. They still don`t want to reveal all of them. They have revealed all the ones that were present in the previous generation of C-HR. Now, they`ve added both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems in the basic trim level. That`s brilliant we have to notice.

2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Rear

2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Engine, Power, MPG

The engine unit is the most interesting part of the new 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid. That`s one of the reasons why he`s going to become so popular among the customers. This time, they`re aiming the American market. To do that, they have to create the perfect engine unit. According to the rumors, that`s going to be the 2.0-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit that`s going to work together with the electric engine compartment. That electric engine is using brand new lithium-ion batteries which are brilliant and the best for that purpose. Together, they can develop the 144 horsepower and the torque amount of 140 lb/ft as a maximum.

It is a brilliant engine choice because it`s going to be paired with the continuously variable transmission (CVT) system. This gearbox can produce great fuel consumption. Official numbers are saying 27/31 mpg city/highway.

2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 Toyota C-HR Hybrid can`t be before May 2019. The official price for the new C-HR isn`t mentioned but we expect it to be $33.000.

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