2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Electric

There’s no such popular car as new 2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid is at the moment. The arrival of this car makes us more than pleased. New Kona, with hybrid engine option, brings us so much smiles to our faces. The fuel consumption is reduced which makes the planet safer than before. That’s something most of the cars should aim for. Nee Kona surely is doing that. Let’s see what is so special about this car.

2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Front

2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Redesign, Shape, Style

The exterior design of new 2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid is something that must work with the rest of the car to provide what is the most important for this car. Therefore, we aren’t surprised with the way how new Kona looks. The shape is different now but that’s good for new Kona. The edges aren’t that sharp which makes it looks less boxy. When it comes to the front fascia, it is lowered and now, it makes new Kona slightly closer to the ground. You need to know that won’t affect his overall performances because it is still more than the great city car.

The exterior color choices are various which is great if you want to make him more popular at the market and among the customers. We know that Hyundai is trying to make the chassis of new Kona using nothing but finest materials which is great for the performances and for the overall body weight.

Definitely, the nicest thing you can imagine and see at the exterior of this car is the rear part. The rear glass is bigger than before which allows the driver to have better visibility behind this car. With it, new 2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid becomes safer than most of the similar cars. Both of the bumpers are reinforced but the bigger difference is noticed on the rear part. We can see that the rear bumper is equipped with bigger fog lights which are different from the previous version. It is looking amazing thanks to the wider taillights which have been added to this generation of Kona. The taillights are now closer to one another which makes this car looks classier. That’s one of the evidence that Hyundai wants to do more with him.

2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Cabin

2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Interior, Space, Appearance

We are looking forward to every next generation of any car that Hyundai releases. We know that they are one of the car Companies that are being the most careful with the interior design. New 2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid is the latest evidence that’s going to help you realize that. The moment you enter this car you’ll see that. Definitely, the first thing you are going to love about it is the instrument board. It is released with fewer buttons which instantly makes it the modern car. New Kona has exactly what it needs to have to be chosen before some others. The 8.0-inches wide touchscreen is placed on the middle of the instrument board. Now, with the increased size, the passengers can see everything on that screen easier.

We just love how Hyundai works. They somehow manage to create the cabin always roomier than it was before. That’s the same with new 2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid. We can’t spot some great difference but it is clear that Kona is roomier than before. That’s definitely what the customers want from every new car and so with new Kona as well. We are so excited about the arrival of this car because the seats are redesigned as well. With better lumbar support, new Kona has the finest quality cabin at the market. When you know that the infotainment system is one of the finest, you are going to love him even more. Just wait and see, new Kona is going to represent true surprise at the market.

2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Rear

2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Engine, Power, Transmission

The engine unit is a thing what makes new 2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid separated from the others. There are so many different information’s available about this segment of new Kona that we still don’t know in what to believe. Therefore, we’re listening to the details that are coming out of the reliable sources. They are saying that new Kona is powered with the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol powered unit combined with the electric engine that’s using lithium-ion batteries. This engine unit can develop the power of 147 horses and around 140 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

7-speed dual-clutch transmission system is paired with this, and with any other engine unit that’s arriving with new Kona.

2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 Hyundai Kona Hybrid is set to be March 2019. The starting price is estimated to be $23.000.

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