2019 Honda Insight Hybrid MPG

The arrival of new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid is great news for all of the environmentally friendly car lovers. It is surely something that brings the huge smile on our faces. We know that new Insight is truly great refreshments and when it comes with the hybrid engine, it can get even better. There aren`t that much of the information`s about it available at the moment but thanks to some reliable sources, we have been able to find the most interesting details about it. Take a look.

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Front

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Redesign, Appearance, Styling

The exterior design of the new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid is a great contribution to the car industry. His appearance is brilliant and it is obvious that the Honda’s designers have been careful about every single detail. We can’t see some huge and drastic changes but all of them are carefully picked. The first thing that is new and the first thing that comes to your eyesight is the grille. It’s way wider than before and it looks like it is paired with the headlights. That’s the brilliant way to make it look stronger. Now, the grille is made of different materials and the Honda sign is bigger than before.

We can’t be sure is the hood longer because it has some new lines added. Those lines make it look like it’s a stronger car. The dimensions are the same as before but the materials are slightly different. It is more than important for the customers to have a car that doesn’t weigh a ton. Due to that, Honda’s engineers have used only a minimum of the hard materials. The rest of the body is made from some lightweight materials to help him reduce the weight.

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Infotainment system

There are a few new features on the sides of new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid. The frames for the wheels are bigger than before but we still don’t have the precise details about the wheels dimensions. We expect them to be 19.0-inches wide. When it comes to the materials from which they are made, we expect that to be aluminum. On the back of the new Insight, we can spot some of the details that have remained to be the same and some of them to be brand new. There are less of them which are brand new. Only the bumper is completely new. It is way bigger and wider than before which brings the safety closer to the customers. That’s going to make him extremely popular among the families. That’s why new Insight is expected to be the leader n the market.

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Cabin

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Interior Design, Specs, Materials

The interior of new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid is more than special. We are looking to all of the previous generations of Honda’s cars and the improvement is obvious on every one of them. This new Insight is expected to arrive better than before as well. We are sure that Honda’s capable to make him roomier if nothing else. The instrument board is moved forward and it is equipped with fewer buttons. Together, it makes new Insight extra modern car. The materials which are used inside are extremely comfortable and we know that Honda’s engineers and designers and trying to use only the premium ones but those that can’t make it extra expensive. For the first time, new Insight is offered with better ambient lighting to provide the greater feeling for you.

The biggest part of the cabin is made for the passenger’s pleasure. Therefore, we aren’t surprised with the way the seats are designed. They’re bigger than before and that’s one of the ways how new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid can become closer with the customers. There are both of the most important connection options. New Insight has both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems installed. With them, the families won’t have a problem with the children’s on the back seats. The rest of the infotainment is nothing less impressive. Every function that’s installed in this one is perfect for the families.

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Rear

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Engine, Power, Abilities

The engine unit is surely the most important part of new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid. It is equipped with a strong but useful engine unit. That’s the 1.8-liter petrol powered unit that’s working in pair with the electric powered engine that’s receiving the power from lithium-ion batteries. Together, they can produce 151 horsepower and around 140 lb/ft as torque amount. It is interesting that he’s paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission system and if you want it, it can be mated to the manual gearbox as well. The fuel consumption is set to be 55/49 mpg city/highway which is awesome.

2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Price and Estimated Release Date

The release date for new 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid is May 2019. The starting price for new Insight with a hybrid engine option is set to be around $35k.

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