2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid CO2

Ford is ready to build a car for the future and new 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid is surely an evidence that they`re capable to do that. According to the first rumors, new Mondeo is going to be way better than his predecessor was. Now, just knowing that a hybrid engine option is included makes us surprised and thrilled with it. Let`s we all take a few minutes of our time to see how incredible this car is going to be. We`ve prepared a small review about this car and here it is.

2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid Front

2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid Specs, Exterior Design, Shape

When it comes to the exterior design of the new 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid we don`t really expect some drastic differences because his exterior design is brilliant as it is. We know that Ford`s designers are great and we haven`t seen any fault on his exterior so far. The chassis is made with lightweight materials as it could be. Of course, Ford will not allow that chassis to be extra light because that way, the control is reduced, especially in the corners. That means that new Mondeo is going to keep getting better than ever, in both aesthetic and functional way. That`s the only way how you can enjoy everything that your car can offer you.

There are some new details on the new 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid while some of them are transferred from the previous version. The front fascia is redesigned now and it features some really great stuff. We can really see the effort Ford`s engineers have used to finish that. The headlights are thinner than ever before which makes them extra modern. Also, Ford has used a brand new set of lamps to make them use a minimum of the required energy. Those are also more than important news to hear. When we`re mentioning the front fascia, we can`t forget to say that the grille is way longer and wider than before. That changes the perspective of the entire new Mondeo. With those differences, it becomes a true sporty looking car. That`s the goal towards Ford is going.

2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid Cabin

2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid Interior Design, Style, Materials

Like new 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid is the true family car, the interior is more than just a part of it. Now, they`re using all the effort they can to make it better than ever before. In the matter of room, they can`t do that much. They`re restricted with the size of the entire car because that hasn`t changed this year. They`ve remained new Mondeo to be exactly the same size as the previous generation is. What are different are the materials that are used? Now, Ford is trying to complete the cabin with the usage of more classy and luxury materials. Together, they can increase the interest of the customers and they can improve the position that new Mondeo has on the lists.

It is obvious that the seats are bigger than before, now, they have better lumbar support to offer. That alone is enough to increase the interest of the customers. With that improvement, new 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid becomes so safer and better for the passengers inside. New Mondeo is offered with the improved features that are installed in the infotainment system. Now, he becomes one of the finest on the market. Some of the standard functions inside are: emergency braking system, hill assistant, parking sensors, a digital navigation system, blind spot monitors, all-around view camera, adaptive cruise control, traction control, Bluetooth connection, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems and many others. Some of them Ford still doesn`t want to reveal because they`re worrying that some car Companies could copy them.

2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid Rear

2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid Engine, Power, Performances

CO2 emission and the fuel consumption are something why new 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid is actually and created. He`s created to lower the energy wasting in the environment. For that cause, Ford has offered a brand new engine unit for this type of car. According to the rumors, that`s going to be the 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle petrol powered unit that`s working together with the four lithium-ion batteries. Together, they can produce the power of 120 horses and somewhere up to 250 horsepower in the most demanding trim levels.

This engine is paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission system which can really reduce the fuel consumption. Now, it is said to be 54 mpg in combined driving city/highway.

2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 Ford Mondeo Hybrid is set to be February 2019. We`re looking further to see the price of new Mondeo and we have found out that his price can`t be below $30k.

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