2019 BMW 740e Hybrid

The world is full with minivans but new 2019 BMW 740e Hybrid is surely the ones that are going to reach the top of the lists. BMW is surely capable to create awesome cars and this new 740e is truly a great contribution to that. 740e is one of the most popular models BMW has and, therefore, we aren`t surprised with the way they`ve created this minivan. To be honest, his shape won`t be changed at all but it`s going to be really refreshed. Take a look.

2019 BMW 740e Hybrid Front


2019 BMW 740e Hybrid Exterior Design, Shape

The exterior of new 2019 BMW 740e Hybrid is something we already know how it’s going to look. This is the true minivan that’s going to follow that old and recognizable shape. Even though some of you might not love that new 740e looks boxy, we think that’s the only way they can remain recognizable on the streets. This time, it is released with some of the differences on the exterior. That’s going to make him look serious and classy. The front fascia is equipped with the longer hood and that’s really obvious to see. Due to that, the grille is wider than before. The headlights next to it are longer than before and made with sharper edges which makes them in L shape now. The overall weight of new 740e remains to be the same as before because BMW has used some lightweight materials now.

The rear part has some new things to offer as well. New 2019 BMW 740e Hybrid has longer rear glass which is really important for the safety. This new 740e is going to take special care about the safety because he intends to be the true family car. He’s arriving on 20.0-inches wheels but there aren’t equipped for the off-road driving. The rear bumper is brand new now. It is bigger and equipped with stronger materials to make it safer as well. If you want your car to be more family acceptable, you need to make him available with more exterior color choices. New 740e is available with more than 15 of those.

2019 BMW 740e Hybrid Cabin


2019 BMW 740e Hybrid Interior Look, Review

As we all know, 2019 BMW 740e Hybrid is a minivan, therefore it has to be cozy and roomy. That’s the first thing that BMW’s engineers had to do. According to the first news, they’ve done it again. New 740e is the extra roomy car and it can accommodate 7 adult passengers. What is even better is that every one of them will enjoy in brand new seats. This time, BMW really pushed themselves into making them superb. The lumbar support is better and they have made the heating and cooling options available in the basic trim level which is a first time. We have heard that those seats are available with more than 15 directions of adjustments. That’s amazing and what is even better is that you can adjust them just on a press of a button.

Also, we need to mention that the second row of seats has separated screens to make the children entertained. That is truly great way to make new 2019 BMW 740e Hybrid even more families acceptable. We are so proud to say that this generation of 740e is equipped with the most amazing functions. What is incredible is that BMW has given him both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems which is the first time they’ve done that. That is one more thing that’s going to make the children love new 740e. Most of the functions that are announced are available to be used only with voice control options. That’s brilliant to know.

2019 BMW 740e Hybrid Rear


2019 BMW 740e Hybrid Engine, Top Speed, MPG

This new 2019 BMW 740e Hybrid is available with a really amazing engine option. There are a lot of rumors available about it but we’ve come to the one engine choice that can really be available and exact information. That’s going to be the combination between the 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar petrol powered unit with 4 lithium-ion batteries. This mighty and useful engine can develop the power of over 287 horses and approximately 267 lb/ft as torque amount.

This engine is paired with the 9-speed automatic transmission system. That can produce great performances and awesome fuel consumption. He’ll need 8 seconds flat to reach from 0-60 mph. It is estimated that fuel consumption is set to be 44 mpg in combined driving city/highway.

2019 BMW 740e Hybrid Price and Estimated Release date

Starting price for new 2019 BMW 740e Hybrid is set to be $33.000 while we know he can’t be released before May 2019.

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