2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price

Ford as one of the finest car producer and his customers really deserves to have a car that`s similar to the 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid. This is one of Ford`s top class cars and the news that we have another version of this car available tells us a lot about this car. New C-Max really is something special and it really deserves to be the finest. The customers are going to have the final judge on this car but we think that most of them will be thrilled with the way new C-Max is going to look and how it arrives on the market. Take a look at this car and prepare when he passes by you on the streets.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Front


2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Exterior Design, Specs, Review

Looking at the exterior design, we can really see the way they`ve worked over the years. New 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid seems to be bigger than before but it remains to have that same recognizable style which everybody can see that it`s true Ford. Even that size difference tells us that Ford is more than serious in making him closer to the customers around the world but mostly to those in the United States. To make it work better than before, they had to give him brand new suspension. Now, it is improved and there`s no limit for new C-Max. With new tires he`s equipped with, he can easily be taken a bit off-road for a completely new experience. It is being carefully designed so all of the materials are exactly where they need to be.

The front fascia is definitely the evidence that Ford`s engineers are taking really good care about even the smallest parts on this car. New 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid has wider set of headlights which are working incredible thanks to the new lamps they`re equipped with. Next to it, the grille is wider and it has a bigger gap between those vertical bars. Thanks to it, the engine is served with more cool air than it used to be. On the sides, we can`t see some great changes except the side mirrors are bigger than before. The back part is equipped with a larger rear glass. That glass allows the driver to pay more attention to what`s happening behind him. The exhaustion pipes are moved to the edges of the rear part which looks really good on this version of C-Max.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Cabin

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Interior Style, Shape, Comfort

The interior design of a new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid is the evidence that Ford`s being more careful with it every year. Now, they`ve paid more attention to the seats than to any other vehicle that has left their factory. It is the evidence that Ford and his engineers are doing all they can to make him cozier to the families that are inside. Those seats are bigger than before and which is more important to tell, they have more than 15 directions of adjustments available. Thanks to that, you can make them exactly how you want them to be. Also, they`re available to be moved with just a press of a button. What Ford makes available is that both heating and cooling options are available in the basic trim level.

We are used to seeing the modern cars available with brand new instrument board but this new will be released with only small changes in that area. The reason why that is his previous version which is still quite actual has that completely restored. There are still just a few buttons present to make it way easier to control all the functions out there. When it comes to the infotainment system it’s the same story. The previous generation had it improved so this one only has to continue with that trend. There is significant software upgrade made and that`s it. There are no some brand new functions installed in new C-Max.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Rear

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Engine, Power, Performances

We are all doing the very best job to find what`s happening under the hood of the new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid. At the moment, Ford`s being very careful about the information`s they`re revealing. That means that we still don`t have some precise details about the engine unit that`s going to be placed there. According to some rumors, which said to be close to the factory, new C-Max is going to use one of the old engines as the choice. The rest of them will be brand new which is an amazing thing to know. That basic choice should be the 2.0-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit which is working in pair with lithium-ion batteries. There will be three batteries available under the hood.

This engine can develop 190 horsepower and 130 lb/ft as torque amount. What is also great to know is when the batteries are full and when you use the only electric motor, he can go a bit over 100 miles which is more than perfect for a hybrid car. For a combined usage, new C-Max has fuel consumption estimated to 44 mpg in combined driving city/highway. His engine units are working in pair with 8-speed automatic gearbox and that`s a fact.

2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2020 Ford C-Max Hybrid is close to the April 2020, not before that month. The official price still isn`t released but we think it can`t go below $42.700.

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