2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review

It is quite a bum when new 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is announced to be released to the market. Toyota has used all of their resources to make all of the new Yaris. This time, that`s going to be the addition of the hybrid engine as an option. In these modern times, that`s everything that new car needs to be popular. New Yaris really knows that and it`s going to use it. Let`s see some things that are new and some which have remained to be the same as before. All in all, we have no doubts that the new Yaris will achieve high positions on the market.

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Front

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Exterior Style, Specs

Of course, we know that the exterior look of new 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid won`t be that much different when it comes to his original version. Toyota really doesn`t need to risk that much. This new Yaris is bigger than before which is enough to attract more customers to it. We are convinced that they`re going to choose a new Yaris before some other similar models.

The hood is longer than before and you can really notice that now. We have no doubts that you`re going to see it with your bare eyes. The grille is also bigger than before and it features bigger Toyota`s sign on the middle of it. Beneath it, there are larger fog lights. Those lights can help him become the safer vehicle. More than enough to attract the families to it. What is even better about those lights is that they`re going to use less energy than before. That`s something all modern cars must take special attention to.

This time, Toyota has to worry about the wheels as well. Therefore, new 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is placed on specially made tires which are 20.0-inches wide. They`re perfect for new Yaris because they have better grip than any other tires which have been released before. Amazing improvement from Toyota`s engineers. The rear end is bigger than before and it features sharper edges than before. It is more than important to have bigger rear glass. That way, the driver has better visibility behind. What is also great about new Yaris is that he`s available with more exterior color choices. That`s something picky customers will absolutely love.

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Cabin

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Interior Look, Redesign, Changes

It is more than clear to say that new 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid has the most amazing interior on the market. That’s the way how you can reach the top of the lists all around the world. It is completed with extremely comfortable materials that are extra soft and cozy. Today, Toyota has revealed some details about the cabin style. It is bigger than before which leaves more room for the passengers and for their cargo. The seats are bigger and designed to be cozier. Therefore, we aren’t surprised by the lumbar support that is provided. The finest amount of leather is used inside a new Yaris. That means there will be enough leather to make you feel cozy and more than enough to not make it extra expensive.

For the first time, new 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is equipped with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. Toyota’s engineers have figured out that’s the only way they can follow the modern trends. They know that the only way for a new Yaris is up. Other than those functions, a new Yaris Hybrid is covered with so many new ones. There will be features such as: climate controller, parking sensors, satellite radio, adaptive cruise control, traction control, blind spot monitors, parking sensors, rear-view camera and many extras which Toyota don’t want to reveal to the customers.

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Rear

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Engine, Performances, MPG

The engine is surely the most important part of the 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid because it is the first time it’s going to be offered with hybrid engine choice. It is the definite decision that new Yaris comes powered with the combination of the 1.5-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit in combination with the electric motor that’s working with lithium-ion batteries. They can provide 106 horsepower and torque amount of 103 lb/ft as a maximum. That’s great for this type of engine.

The best thing is that he’s working with the 6-speed automatic transmission system. It’s great because this gearbox can reduce the fuel consumption even more. Some numbers are saying it’s going to be 31/39 mpg city/highway.

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

It is sure that the new 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is going to be offered in the beginning of February 2019. We think that his price is set to be $22.000.

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