2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Arrival Date

As you all know, hybrid cars are getting more and more popular every day. Well, new 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid is here to make the Toyota takes some piece of that big customer’s cake. With everything we`ve seen, it seems that new Camry can easily become the leader of that market, only if they really take care about everything their doing. According to the first rumors, they`re really paying attention to every smallest details on this car. Take a look at what we`ve found about this vehicle.

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Front

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Specs, Review, Exterior Look

As we are all aware that all of the new hybrid cars are arriving with almost no changes on the exterior, we know that we can expect that from new Camry as well. This new 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid will be looking the same as his predecessor. To be honest, that isn’t wrong at all. It’s going to be released in that stunning shape which can make his aerodynamic abilities improved. Those are surely good news. Now, we have heard that new Camry is placed on 18.0-inches wide alloy tires. With them, he’s looking even better.

On the front fascia we can see that there are some good things placed. There are newly added headlights which are wider than before. In addition to that, they are made to use better lamps. Newly installed LED technology lamps are something we absolutely love on this car. New 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid looks sportier as well. That’s definitely thanks to the newly added lines on the sides of this car. The back part looks great as well. Toyota’s engineers have made it look the same as before and we don’t have any issues with them.

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Interior

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Interior Specs, Style, Instrument board

When it comes to the interior design, things are pretty clear. Based on some previous generations of Camry, we can assume how will this new one look inside. There will definitely be the most amazing materials used. We’re thinking that new 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid will be made using mostly leather and carbon fiber with assistance of some wooden pieces. That’s the way how he can become the best. The one and only thing that’s going to be made using combination of leather and plastic will be the instrument board.

The first thing you’ll notice inside is surely that instrument board. Main thing is 9.0-inches wide touch screen. Now, Toyota’s engineers have transferred almost all the controls to that touch screen. That’s going to make it easier for you to handle all the functions. When we’re talking about the features, we must mention some of them. The most standard ones inside are: parking sensors, dual-zone climate controller, rear-view camera, adaptive cruise control, traction control, emergency braking, blind spot allert, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection systems and many others.

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Rear

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Engine, Power, Transmission

The engine unit is surely the most important thing in this car. Now, it is announced that new 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid will be powered using brand new unit. That’s going to be combination of 2.5-liter petrol powered 4-cylinder unit and electric motor that’s going to use 4 lithium-ion batteries. Together, they can produce 208 horsepower and 200 lb/ft as torque amount. This engine will work in pair with CVT (continuously variable transmission).

For the basic trim level, it’s going to use 52 mpg for combined driving city/highway. We can see that it’s going to be useful but also, we can see that it is quite strong engine as well.

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid is set to be February 2019. His starting price will be around $33.000 and that is quite suitable for this model.

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