2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid MPG

Even though it is brand new generation ready, 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid already represent quite a name on the car market. It is ready to become even better now. For that cause, Toyota`s engineers have prepared a real treat for their customers. They have prepared new Auris with brand new hybrid engine option. Let`s see can that difference be that thing that needed him in the past. Take a look at everything we could find out about this brilliant model.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Front

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Exterior Design, Review, Style

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid now represents the true meaning of what the true compact car should look like. It is obvious that Toyota`s engineers and designers have paid great attention to even the smallest details on it. When it comes to the changes, the part which is the most expecting about any new car, we don`t have that much to talk about. All the recognizable details have remained the same place as on the predecessor of this Auris. That is something that customers have used on and what they`ve said that it is a good part about it. What is good, it doesn`t really need to be changed, that`s the Toyota`s policy. The part where they`ve tried to be better than before is the suspension.

They`ve changed the entire suspension on new 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid. When we compare it with the previous generation, it is way better than before. It is totally independent which means that new Auris can behave really well around the corners. Entire chassis remains the same overall weight which is good because he doesn`t need to be too lightweight. That way, he doesn’t need that amount of grip. Now, new Auris is available with many new exterior color choices that are decent enough to make his perfect choice for picky customers. What is Toyota especially proud of when it comes to the new Auris is that he`s really capable to use the very small amount of energy. That`s brilliant for modern times.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Cabin

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Interior Look, Specs, Appearance

Even though we can`t say that we are especially pleased with the number of differences when it comes to the exterior design, we must say that we are just enough happy about the things that are changed inside this new 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid. Definitely, the first thing you`re going to notice is the instrument board and bigger touchscreen which is jammed on the middle of it. Now, almost all of the functions and their controls are transferred to that screen. For those that are there, in some of the higher trim levels, Toyota has announced voice control as an option. That is something that is still just an idea but it more than possible to be done.

Next, they`ve made brand new seats for the 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid. With them, they`re aiming for the completely new category of buyers. Now, they`re aiming for the families to buy this new Auris. It is great the way they have used every inch inside the cabin. With the increased size of the seats, they had a few inches to spare and to give it to the cargo area. Now, it is way bigger than before and ready to take you and your family on some long journey. What is great is how Toyota`s engineers are using the materials inside their vehicles. They`re always trying to give a little bit of everything so the biggest amount of customers can find something for themselves. That`s the same with new Auris.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Rear

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Engine, Power, Performances

It is the engine unit where the Toyota`s being the most mysterious about. They have revealed only really information`s about it. They still don`t want to talk about the power amount new 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid is going to be equipped with. Now, they have revealed only the possible engine choices. Now, that`s going to be two hybrid engine options which are both strong and fuel efficient and economic. According to the officials, you can choose between the 1.8-liter hybrid engine and the 2.0-liter hybrid powered engine.

What is sure is that maximum power that one of these two engines could produce is 180 horsepower which is more than brilliant. Fuel consumption is definitely improved and that`s pretty much all the things we know about the engine compartment of new Auris.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The starting price for the new 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid is set to be $28.000. When we`re thinking when will he going to be released, we know it can`t happen before May 2019.

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