2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Electric, P850D

World finest all-electric car factories keep getting better over the years. Beware that Tesla Motors is still the young company but with the model like new 2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid is, they have more than bright future. This new Model S really deserves to have our full attention and we are so happy that Tesla has announced him getting serious refreshments and upgrades. We just can`t wait to see him on the streets but we`ll have to do it a bit more, probably somewhere until July 2019. Until that, let`s see what you can expect from this stunning model.

2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Front

2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Exterior Redesign, Changes, Specs

As we`ve said, new 2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid looks really nice and it has the shape that every true model deserves to have. His shape and nice edges can allow him to have even finer aerodynamic abilities. With them, he can go even further when the batteries are fully charged. That`s the way Tesla Motors want to develop in the future. New Model S will be placed on 18.0-inch alloy wheels because they`re more than enough for this model and they really suit him perfectly. They give him that perfect classy appearance this model really deserves to have. What we love so much about this model is that he`s announced to be available with way more exterior color choices than before. That`s perfect because some picky customers have said that there aren`t that many choices available.

Looking closer to the parts of this sedan, we can spot some really fine details. For example, the front fascia of 2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid looks more than perfect. It has the wide grille with wide headlights. Those headlights will now be made with sharper edges and with better lamps to create better visibility. With that increased visibility, new Model S is safer than before. Under the headlights and the grille, we can see that the front bumper is stronger than before which we expect to see with the back one as well. That`s the evidence that Tesla Motors used better materials to finish this amazing sedan. On the back, we can see that reinforced bumper and that larger rear glass, all together makes new Model S looks nicer than ever.

2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Interior

2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Interior Specs, Review

To be honest, we are already used to see Tesla`s models with roomy and cozy interiors. This new 2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid shouldn`t be different about that as well. It is roomy, cozy and it is equipped with amazing materials to help him get classy. That is the road which Tesla Motors wants to go, they want their model to be extra classy and luxury. Looking at new Model S, we are sure that they`re on the right track. We must mention that they won`t use plastic inside this model at all. The almost entire cabin will be made of leather and some similar, soft materials. They`re going to do all they can to make the customers enjoy every second they spend inside. Just take a look at the seats. They`re designed with extreme attention. Finest lumbar support is provided next to those amazing materials.

When we`re talking about the instrument board, we must say that it is more than amazing. As you know, all of Tesla`s cars don`t have anything but the large touchscreen on the instrument board. That can make it look amazing and that can make it look like it is ready for a completely new level. All the controls are there and besides that, you can control all the functions using nothing but your own voice. With it, we are sure that 2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid is currently the leader in that field. Knowing that it`s going to be equipped with most amazing features and functions we`re only thinking it clearer.

2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Rear

2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Engine, Power, MPG

Of course, as for all Tesla`s models, the engine will be the thing what they`re going to try to keep as a secret for as long as they can. According to the rumors, new 2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid will be powered using the completely new set of batteries. We are sure that they`re going to help him gain maximum speed of over 150 mph and that they can make him run from 0-60 mph in justĀ 5 seconds flat.

Those are amazing performances completed by Tesla`s engineers but the best thing is how the batteries are charging and how long will they need them to be full. Some stories are going that those batteries will need only two hours to be fully charged when you plug them into your regular house outlets. That means that when you plug it into the official Tesla`s outlet, it`s going to take you only half an hour. We are so proud to be among the first websites to talk about that part of new Model S.

2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date is pretty clear to talk about. We`ve already said that new 2019 Tesla Model S Hybrid can`t be released before June 2019. If you`re wondering what will be his price, it won`t be cheap, that`s for sure. Some rumors are saying it`ll go from $73.000.

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