2019 Kia Soul Hybrid EV, Review

There isn`t hybrid car that is so ready for the future as new 2019 Kia Soul Hybrid is. Kia made him to be really special model so you can`t says that there is something this car couldn`t do. He`s good in city driving but you can take him on longer roads as well because his batteries are announced to be charged really fast. WE are really looking forward to see him in his full shine. There are so much great details available about this car and we`re here to show you all of them. That way, you`ll be really close to new Soul.

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Front

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Appearance, Style, Changes

The exterior of new 2019 Kia Soul Hybrid looks pretty much the same. Everything we`ve seen is the same as before but with some minor upgrades so you can see that they`ve worked on this model. For example, his shape will remain to be boxy as before and we`re loving it that way. We love the way Kia has managed to make his body shape don`t become boring as one some other similar looking vehicles.

This new Soul really knows how to handle that shape. That means it`s going to have sharp edges that`s going to allow him go easier on the road and in the end, to use less fuel than before. The front fascia is the first thing you`re going to notice on his exterior. It is covered with some new lines on the middle of the hood which can make him become really sporty looking hybrid car. That isn`t something that most of the cars similar to him can brag about.

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Platform, Chassis

In so many other ways new 2019 Kia Soul Hybrid will be different. For example, his rear fascia is completely flat and it reminds us on the way how some SUVs are produced. That`s the way how you can become the leader on the market. You just need to be innovative enough and the success is guaranteed. New Soul has really used that. They know that customers love new stuff so they given them exactly what they want to see.

The taillights are wider and now, they`re made in circular shape which is different than we`re used to see from Kia`s designers. Again, being innovative can bring you only good stuff. That is the card on which Kia will play with new Soul. But, after all, we love everything new that Kia has given him. It is arriving on 17.0-inches alloy wheels which suit him more than every other that were placed in some previous generations.

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Interior

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Interior Changes, Specs, Materials

When it comes to the interior of new 2019 Kia Soul Hybrid we are sure that the designers will try to keep you look inside this car as long as they can make you do that. To do that, they’re going to provide most amazing feeling when you enter this car. There will be some of the nicest materials used to make you really feel that care they’re providing for the nature. There won’t be any plastic details available inside new Soul. We are more than happy about it and we think that’s the way how all the other car Companies should think. Leather will be mostly used inside new Soul. The seats are positioned closer to the bottom of the cabin which is their attempt to make you feel that you’re going faster. Other than that, they’re going to be released with more directions of adjustments in new Soul.

All the functions that were present in the previous generation of Soul were continuing being used in this one as well but with some fine software upgrades. Customers have said that they want to have more driver oriented instrument board inside 2019 Kia Soul Hybrid so that’s where the occupation of Kia’s engineers will be turned to. Some of the functions which are revealed for new Soul are: rear-view camera, emergency braking, hill assistant, cruise and traction control, blind spot monitors, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection systems, dual-zone climate controller, parking sensors, satellite navigation system and many others. Taking that all together, new Soul has all it takes to be the best on it’s market.

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Rear

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Engine, Performances, MPG, Power

Kia’s engineers still don’t want to reveal all the information’s about the engine unit that’s going to be placed under the hood of new Soul. All we know is that his 27 kWh electric motor will work in pair with 1.5-liter petrol powered unit. Together, they can provide great engine unit, we have no doubts in that but we still don’t know what power amount that will be. What we know are some of his performances. For example, we know he can reach 95 mph as his top speed which is brilliant. Also, this time, new Soul will need only 9.7 seconds to reach 60 mph when his starting from 0. It’s going to be paired with 8-speed automatic transmission system. It’s going to need him only two hours to reach fully charged batteries which is brilliant.

2019 Kia Soul Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2019 Kia Soul Hybrid will be $34.000. The release date is still unknown but we estimate it’s going to be around June 2019.

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