2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Review, Redesign

Every next day is getting more interested in the hybrid market. Arriving of 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid is the great example of how serious producers are. Everybody wants to be better than all the others and to be better than his previous generations. Customers now want to be as greener than before. Well, new Optima Hybrid is the way to do that. It`s going to use less fuel than ever before and it`s going to be stronger as well. It`s hard to complete that two but Kia somehow managed to do that. Take a look at new Optima with hybrid engine option. Here it is.

2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Front

2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Redesign, Specs, Review

It is somehow easy to create hybrid sedan car. Well, it`s not that true. New 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid is a proof for that. They`ve tried to create the best version of Optima with the Hybrid engine in so many attempts. It seems like they`ve finally done it. They`ve created perfect shape for new Optima that is alone great for the aerodynamics. With this improved shape, new Optima will be made in perfect style and shape. Even the materials that will be used in the chassis will be improved. This time, Kia will try to use only lightweight materials to prove that they really know how to make it better. According to the rumors, new Optima will have its chassis made using only carbon fiber and aluminum.

There won`t be some new details placed on the exterior of new 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid. They`re going to try to make something new so you can`t say that is exactly the same car as it was before. The front fascia is now almost brand new. It has the long hood with the longer grille on the end of it. The grille now has that vertical bars made using chrome which is able to make him shine better than before and it`s going to make it classier as well. The side mirrors are now bigger which can make the driver have better visibility all around this car. Even on the rear part, we can see larger rear glass which is also there to make his visibility improved.

2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Interior

2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Interior Design, Materials

Interior design isn`t the big mystery when it comes to the 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid. It`s going to have large instrument board which will be made using top quality materials. Everything is made to make the passengers feel more pleasant. Now, the seats will be made using fine Alcantara leather which is great because it is extra soft. Even the basic trim level will have its seats made using that leather. There won`t be basic cloth used now. Besides new materials, the seats inside new Optima will have its seats redesigned. There will be better lumbar support provided and better side support as well.

Entire new 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid will be modernized, so the functions will suffer the changes as well. All software’s will be improved and to be easier controlled. That is surely what the customers want. Some of the standard functions for new Optima Hybrid will be: rear-view camera, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, cruise control, traction control, Bluetooth and USB connection, digital climate controller, satellite radio, more airbags than before and so many others. The steering wheel for new Optima will be improved as well and jammed with more controls than before. That`s great because the driver can now control them easier than before. In addition to that, he can keep the eyes on the road during the entire time.

2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Rear

2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Engine, MPG, Range

Only one engine unit will be offered for new 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid. That`s going to be a 2.0-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit that will work in pair with the electric motor with 1.62 kWh. Using this engine unit, new Optima will be available to be supplied with 192 horsepower. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine unit. FWD model will be the basic option and we still haven`t heard that AWD will be the option this time. Fuel consumption is estimated now. That`s going to be 39/46 mpg city/highway. No doubt this is one great engine unit under the hood of new Optima and what is the best for it, it`s going to be quite environmentally friendly.

2019 Kia Optima Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 Kia Optima Hybrid is going to be around May 2019, not before the spring of 2019. When it comes to the price for it, we must say it`s going to be quite affordable. We assume he`s going to be offered around $28.000.

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