2019 Honda Urban Hybrid EV, Concept

We can’t really separate hybrid cars because they are all useful but somehow, new 2019 Honda Urban Hybrid looks like it is the most useful car that has been produced so far. To be honest, that isn’t a surprise at all because we know how careful the Honda’s designers are. We have watched some of the previous versions of Urban and we can really see the improvement. That’s why we have the biggest expectation so far from this newest one. Let’s see if our expectations come true.

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Front

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Exterior Look, Design

When it comes to the exterior design, the expectations proved. New 2019 Honda Urban Hybrid definitely looks slightly better than it was before. Honda’s engineers have done their best to make some small but significant changes. Now, it’s the shape that’s going to suffer those small but important changes. The front part is lowered and it makes him closer to the ground. Thanks to the new set of wheels and tires, that won’t affect his overall driving experience, especially when you drive him around the city.

His wheels are now 19.0-inches wide and made only from aluminum which is the secret to reduce the overall weight of new Urban. Honda’s engineers are trying to reduce the overall weight in so many different ways. They have used so much more lightweight materials in the chassis that they have done before. That’s going to increase the price for new Urban but it is extremely important for the performances and for the environment because now, new Urban is using less energy than he has used to be.

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Platform, Style

So far, we can see that Honda’s designers are extremely careful when it comes to the exterior details as well, even about the smallest ones. It is more than obvious that the front fascia has suffered the biggest changes on the exterior. The grille is wider than before and what is also important to say is that the grille is now made using some new materials combination. That way, new 2019 Honda Urban Hybrid looks classier. With it, the luxury market is something new for this kind of car.

The headlights are made in the same shape and style as before but with some new lamps. This way, the energy waste is even smaller than it was before. That’s one more proof that new Urban is taking really good care about nature. The rear part has bigger rear glass which allows the driver to control the car easier. We can really notice that the Honda’s engineers have taken great care of the passengers and about what they want from a car. We just love the way they have created a new Urban.

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Cabin

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Interior Look, Style, Review

Even though we must say that the exterior of the new 2019 Honda Urban Hybrid looks amazing, we must say that the interior is maybe even more important from a passengers point of view. Therefore, we aren’t surprised by the quality of the cabin materials and parts inside. The biggest part of the cabin, the seats, are made from the top quality Alcantara leather. That way, we are sure that the passengers can enjoy more than before. This kind of the seat design tells us that Honda’s designers really want to listen to what the customers want. You can really feel special when you are inside new Urban because you can notice the care of the Honda’s engineers and designers.

When it comes to the instrument board, there is where we have expected more of the changes to come. It looks pretty much the same as the previous generation. To be honest, that isn’t wrong but we want something new to happen. New 2019 Honda Urban Hybrid deserves to have something new placed on the instrument board. This way, they have changed the shape of the climate vents which is the only difference we can see.

The touchscreen is bigger than before and that’s great for sure. All of the functions that were used in the previous generations of Urban have suffered serious software improvements. The standard features for the new Urban are: rear-view cameras, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, overtaking assist, traction control, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection options, blind spot monitors, hill assist and some other great features. All the functions that are introduced tell us that the new Urban is mostly created for the families. He’s better equipped with the safety functions than he’s equipped with the entertainment ones.

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Rear

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Engine, Performances, Specs

The engine unit is surely the most important part of the new 2019 Honda Urban Hybrid. The customers are expecting to have the engine that is capable to produce great energy amount while he uses less fuel than ever before. Now, Honda’s engineers have prepared the combination between the 1.2-liter petrol powered and the superb electric motor that’s powered with lithium-ion batteries. The electric motor should overcome the petrol one and become the leading part of the engine unit. Therefore, we have only the information’s about the electric motor. We know that this engine can develop enough power that’s going to make him capable to go over 250 miles without additional need to be recharged. That’s more than brilliant engineering accomplishment.

We just can’t wait to see the official version of this new Urban Hybrid because it looks like it’s going to take all the leading spots on any market category.

2019 Honda Urban Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

It is still unknown when they are planning to release new 2019 Honda Urban on the market. What we know it can’t be released until the beginning of the spring of 2019. Therefore, we are expecting new Urban somewhere close to the May 2019. The price for this stunning hybrid car is expected to be around $24.500. That is a great offer for this kind of machine and the things that he’s capable to give you.

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