2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Plug-in

The entire review of 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid must start by saying that this is one amazing car. This new Honda`s model is amazing on so many different levels. It is great by his design and of course, it is one of the best functional cars. Honda`s engineers really did their best to create the car that looks the way this new Clarity looks. Take a look.

2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Front

2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Refreshed, Review, Specs

If you’re thinking that modern cars don’t need to think about its shape than you’re wrong. Super modern cars need to think about the shape more than about anything else. The proof is new 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid which is really designed with extreme attention. The modern way of building cars demands from you to take a good care of everything and especially to look for the making planet safer. This new Clarity has outstanding shape and with it, it has brilliant aerodynamic abilities which are perfect to make this car use less fuel than ever before. The edges are sharper than before and they’re positioned closer to the ground, especially the one on the front fascia. Besides that, the materials that are used in the chassis are better.

The Honda’s now using mostly aluminum and carbon fiber in the chassis which can really reduce the overall weight of this car. Looking to the details on the exterior of 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid we can’t really see some changes which tell us that they took better care in making it become the more functional car. The wheels are now bigger and Honda showed the variant of them being 19.0-inches wide. All the lights on new Clarity will use better lamps than before, so there will now be more LED lamps on new Clarity than ever before. The visibility is better than before and with it, we’re sure that the safety of this vehicle will be improved. With increased safety, we are sure that the Clarity will be closer to the larger families.

2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Interior

2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Interior Specs, Design, Materials

Knowing Honda, we know what we can expect inside 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid. That means only finest materials can find its way into this beautiful sedan. Finest doesn’t mean the most expensive ones. Honda won’t use plastic, that’s for sure, but they won’t use only leather inside new Clarity. They will use those materials they find the coziest ones but without some additional payments from the customers needed. Seat design can help them become even nicer now. They’re made with the supreme lumbar support and with supreme sides support. As the addition, Honda has announced that heating and cooling options will be provided for some higher trim levels.

New 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid will be one extra roomy car. That means there will be plenty of room for the passengers inside but plenty of room for their cargo as well. With slightly moved instrument board they’re getting more room for the passengers inside. We love it already. We are proud to say that Honda’s engineers have announced that new Clarity will be released with some stunning features inside. To be honest, we are expecting more entertainment functions than before. What we especially want to see new Clarity are both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection systems installed. We can’t imagine any modern car to be released without both of those.

2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Rear

2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Engine, Performances, Power

This new 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid isn`t famous for getting that much power. It is famous for being great for the pocket of the customers and being great for the environment. All in all, new Clarity will save some fuel. It`s going to be powered using 1.5-liter 4-cylinder unit combined with the electric motor which will use lithium-ion batteries. Together, they`re going to produce 103 horsepower and torque amount of 100 lb/ft as the maximum. As we`ve said, that isn`t some amazing power amount. Only front-wheel drive mode will be available for new Clarity and that power will be transferred to the wheels using 8-speed automatic transmission system. The fuel consumption is amazing when you`re using that hybrid engine option. It`s going to be 110 mpg in combined driving city/highway.

2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Price and Estimated Launch Date

Price for this new 2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid can`t be below $36.000 and that`s quite good for this hybrid engine equipped model. This new Clarity can`t be offered until May 2019.

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