2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Performances, MPG

As we all know, 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid is already extremely popular car even though it still isn`t produced. That is simply because you can hear the people talking about it no matter where you look to. It`s always Honda Accord Hybrid in the air. Now, for those that don`t know all the information`s about it, we`ve prepared this small review about it. Take a look and see that is really great car and that people really need to be talking about it.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Front

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Style, Appearance, Design

His shape and exterior design is the same as on the basic version. New 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid will not look different. It`s going to look like the every true family sedan should look. When we compare him with his previous generation, there will be some changes on the exterior. For example, Honda will try to make it really look as the new car. Due to that, they`re going to create him using better and classier materials. Just take a look at his front fascia and you`ll see it yourself. He`s going to have that grille made from chrome that`s going to make it shine. Even that small improvement is enough to make it new and restyled. Headlights are way longer than before and they`re now made to have sharper ends. With new LED lamps that will work together with bi-xenon ones, they`re going to work the best so far.

When we look at new 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid we can see that it`s going to arrive on 19.0-inch alloy set of wheels. With them, Honda has announced the new set of tires as well. That`s definitely going to increase the performances of this car. To be honest, that`s the Honda`s main goal. To make new Accord Hybrid better and more functional car than it was before. The rear part of new Accord is equipped with the larger bumper. In some higher trim levels, you can get it with attached rear spoiler if you want it. It`s going to be functional and it`s going to look nicer as well. More exterior color is always great but new Accord won`t have it. The previous generation of it has it enough already.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior Design, Review, Materials

Even the interior design of 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid will remain the same as in the basic Accord version. That doesn`t mean it won`t be different when we compare him with his previous generation. This time, Honda will really do all they can to make it becomes the classier vehicle. For that cause, they can`t produce new Accord with plastic materials inside the cabin. Nappa leather will be used to complete the cabin of this sedan. That will be amazing material that is really capable to make you feel cozy inside. To make you feel even cozier, new Accord will have its seats redesigned. Now, they`re arriving with better lumbar support.

You can see how one small thing is enough to make you feel extra and like you`re really special. Every car Company should treat their customers as Honda does. New 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid is the greatest proof of how the car designers and engineers are listening what the customers had to say about it. Honda is really paying attention to the customers` reviews. Looking to the reviews about the previous Accord, customers said that they need to see the instrument board a bit more driver oriented. That`s the way how Honda created the instrument board in new Accord, just to make you pleased.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Rear

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Engine, Performances, Transmission

This time, we know for only one engine unit for new 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid. That will have naturally aspired 3.5-liter V6 unit that`s going to be combined with the electric motor that`s going to run on lithium-ion batteries. Together, we are sure that this engine can develop around 278 horsepower and suitable torque amount. This engine, as every other, will be paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission. Some rumors are saying that even 10-speed automatic gearbox will be available. When we`re talking about this engine, we must say it`s going to be able to make new Accord Hybrid run from 0-60 mph in only 5.7 seconds. What is great is that fuel consumption is already estimated. It`s going to be 49/47 mpg city/highway.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date for new 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid is estimated to be May 2019. We still don`t have the official price ready but we know that new Accord Hybrid can`t be released under $33.000.

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