2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Outstanding power

Hybrid cars are something that is futuristic. But with new 2019 BMW i8 Hybrid, we think that the future is here. Having new i8, we think you’re going to be more than ready to go step in step with the future. This model is really useful and we know that you’re going to be pleased with his performances. To be honest, we don’t even want to talk about the design in this introduction because you probably know that new i8 must look spectacular. Be patient and read a bit about it and you’ll see on the pictures that this is definitely one of the nicest looking cars. Take a quick peek at the review we’ve prepared.

2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Front

2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Redesign, Expected changes

With the important car as new 2019 BMW i8 Hybrid as it is supposed to be, you’ve got to have perfect looking exterior. Well, this car really has it. It is designed to make everyone loves it. You can do that only if you make him functional at the same time as you make him look superb. The shape of this car is something we can’t see in every other model that is similar to him. The front fascia is lowered a bit more than it was before to allow the air to flow better under it. You need to know that will not have any influence on your driving. It can go easy across any obstacles. It is obvious that his designers paid attention to the air vents because they are all bigger than before.

The rest of the car looks similar to his previous generation. It has that big headlights that can make it have improved visibility and safety. With that small improvement, you get a lot. First thing you are surely getting is the popularity among the families. New 2019 BMW i8 Hybrid has reduced overall weight which allows him to have some new details added. Just take a look at both of his bumpers. They’re both reinforced thanks to the bigger usage of hard steel and aluminum. With addition of carbon fiber, you know all the materials that’s going to be used in the chassis. The back part od of this car is completed with larger rear glass. Now, it’s going to arrive on 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are perfect for this kind of car.

2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Interior

2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Interior Look, Style, Appearance

The interior design is what makes the customers to pick just the right car for themselves. Looking to the interior of new 2019 BMW i8 Hybrid, we think that he’s going to be perfect choice for most of the customers. It’s going to be cozy and roomy which are two most important things inside any car. In addition to that there will be so many new features added to make him become one of the best equipped models on the market. What is also special about this car and his functions is that they’re all easier to be controlled.

The designers of this car are ensuring us that he’ll be finished with the best seats design that is possible. We can see that there are the finest lumbar and sides support available for the interior of new 2019 BMW i8 Hybrid. With this kind of comfort level, we have no doubts that this car will be a good choice for you. When it comes to the functions that we have mentioned, you probably expect us to tell you what of them will actually be part of this model. Well, some of the standard options for this model are: rear view camera, parking sensors, dual-zone climate controller, emergency braking system, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connection systems, hill assist, adaptive cruise control, traction control, blind spot monitoring and many others.

2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Rear

2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Engine, Power, Transmission, MPG

This time, new 2019 BMW i8 Hybrid will be powered using one but really effective engine unit. That will be combination between 1.5-liter petrol powered 4-cylinder unit with three lithium-ion batteries. This powerful and useful engine can produce 129 horsepower and 140 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. Using this power amount, we’ve heard that new i8 Hybrid will be available to reach from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds which is perfect time for this model. Besides that, this engine will work together with 6-speed automatic transmission system. This gearbox will be available to send the power to all the wheels on this car but only in some higher and more demanding trim levels.

2019 BMW i8 Hybrid Price and Expected Release Date

We still don’t have precise information when will new 2019 BMW i8 Hybrid actually arrive on the streets. What we know is that he can’t be available before March 2019. When it comes to the price of this model, we expect it to be around $100.000 and not under it for his starting trim level.

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