2018 Spyker Electric SUV News, Cost, Review

In the world of hand made cars, new 2018 Spyker Electric SUV will surely be leader. This is still just a rumor and a concept but if new Spyker model really appears, we have no doubts that the market will go crazy about it. His name tells you everything, it`s going to be electric powered SUV which is category in a deficit and due to that, this possible vehicle could be the best so far. Let`s see what are the information`s that can make you interested in this extra classy and luxury model. Here it is, all the details we know about Spyker`s new model.

2018 Spyker Electric SUV front

2018 Spyker Electric SUV Exterior and Interior

Spyker as one of the young and extra capable company still don`t want to reveal anything about the exterior design of their upcoming 2018 Spyker Electric SUV. All they`ve done is that they`ve said some information`s how it might look. We are more than sure that new 2018 Spyker Electric SUV`s SUV will look extra modern and muscular. Since this will be all electric powered vehicle, we know that his aerodynamic abilities must be perfect. Due to that, we expect him to be placed closer to the ground and to not be that great in off-road. He`ll be too luxury to do that after all. We expect brand new LED lamps to power every light on this upcoming car. As this will be handmade vehicle we know that there won`t be some great exterior color options, only the basic ones.

We still don`t know that much information`s about the interior design of new 2018 Spyker Electric SUV but looking to some other models that this company produced we can estimate how it might look. We are more than sure that this new SUV model will look more than stunning and that it`s going to have great materials used to complete it. There won`t be plastic used, that`s for sure. There will be only brand new leather in combination with wood and with carbon fiber. We think that this 2018 Spyker Electric SUV will accommodate only 4 adult passengers and that they`re really going to enjoy the seats inside. They`ll definitely have heating and cooling option. Other than that, we could say that there will be massage option added as well but we`ll keep it still without it. When it comes to the functions installed inside, who knows what we could expect from this amazing model. It`s still hard to say what 2018 Spyker Electric SUV is ready to give him. What is sure is that all of the functions will be available to be controlled hands free.

2018 Spyker Electric SUV side

2018 Spyker Electric SUV Engine

Engine of new 2018 Spyker Electric SUV is maybe the most hidden part of this vehicle. We know that will be only electric motor offered. What is great if the Spyker can make it go over 200 miles without need to recharge the batteries. Batteries will probably be lithium-ion ones. Great thing is to make those batteries rechargeable extra fast. When it comes to the home outlets, we expect them to need only hour and a half to be fully charged. Performances are still unavailable but we know his focus won`t be to make extra fast car. They`ll make it useful and special.

2018 Spyker Electric SUV interior

2018 Spyker Electric SUV Price and Release Date

It is still unknown when will new 2018 Spyker Electric SUV actually be released but we`ve heard that his official premiere will happen on Geneva Auto Show next year. 2018 Spyker Electric SUV his price is also hard to estimate but it will definitely be higher than $1 million because this will be handmade car which probably won`t have more than 20 models available.

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