2018 Lexus NX Hybrid Review, MPG, Released

Even though we can say that this is still fresh model on the market, we must say that because on the instantly growing SUV market, you must deliver new generation of your models almost every year. This Lexus`s NX was produced in 2014 for the first time and now it is ready to be refreshed. New 2018 Lexus NX Hybrid will definitely going to become customer`s favorite because even his name tells you that it`s going to be hybrid model and every true environmental friendly customers will choose this new NX Hybrid before some other model.

2018 Lexus NX Hybrid front

2018 Lexus NX Hybrid Review

As we`ve said, this 2018 Lexus NX Hybrid is almost new model because it is firstly produced two years ago so there isn`t any need to made some spectacular changes on it. He`ll still be extra modern crossover. But something new have to be added because this is new generation of it. This new will receive more chrome in his 3D grille which now looks even better than before. Sharp taillights will remain to be spectacular as they were before. Now, all lights will receive new LED lamps which will be used to raise safety and to reduce energy using to minimum. Those L shaped headlamps will be in great combination with perfectly shaped grille and entire hood. On the back everything will remain the way it was before. One more change you can`t notice on the exterior and that is his new chassis which is made using mostly carbon fiber to help him reduce total weight of this new 2018 Lexus NX Hybrid. Great thing to make him have reduced fuel consumption and increased performances as well.

Interior design will also going to be similar as the exterior is, with everything almost the same as before. When you know how good his previous generation was, you know that this new 2018 Lexus NX Hybrid can be only better. It`ll be equipped with perfectly designed seats to make the passengers feel perfectly relaxed during the ride. Great thing about his cabin is that even his engine is extra silent, Lexus will try to make his cabin even more soundproof. Together with that comfort, new 2018 Lexus NX Hybrid will give you real pleasure to drive and to be driven.

2018 Lexus NX Hybrid rear

2018 Lexus NX Hybrid Engine

What we know about this new 2018 Lexus NX Hybrid and about his engine unit are still just speculations because Lexus still haven`t revealed anything about it. What we have heard is that new NX Hybrid will use 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine which will work in pair with electric motor. This fuel efficient combination can create power of 200 horses. As far as the fuel consumption is concerned we think that it could be at least 24/28 mpg city/highway.

2018 Lexus NX Hybrid interior

2018 Lexus NX Hybrid Price and Release Date

The market can`t get enough of subcompact SUVs, especially hybrid ones so we know that the engineers and designers will do their best to release new 2018 Lexus NX Hybrid as soon as possible. Starting price for new NX Hybrid could go around $40k and it can go only up with some trim levels with more equipment inside and outside.

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