2018 Lexus LC Hybrid Engine and Release Date

You`ve all heard about Lexus`s newest model called LC and when we have announced that he`s going to be released in 2018 we have mentioned that he`s going to be available with hybrid engine as well which is definitely going to attract even more customers to choose him. Well, now we are here to take closer look on 2018 Lexus LC Hybrid and to see what`s that going to make him separated from the regular LC version. Both of them will be great, but which one are you going to choose.

2018 Lexus LC Hybrid front

2018 Lexus LC Hybrid Redesign

Exterior or interior design isn`t something that`s going to make the difference between this 2018 Lexus LC Hybrid and regular LC model. They`re going to look the same and that isn`t bad news in any way. His exterior is definitely stunning and we like it because it`s unique, you can`t find that kind of exterior on some other car. He`s going to have brilliant shape so his aerodynamic abilities will help him increase his performance even more while keeping his fuel consumption on very low consumption. This time, new 2018 Lexus LC Hybrid will have that Lexus`s stunning grille to make him even more attractive and with that on his front part, you know that he`s going to be popular. Headlights are also the same, thin but extra effective.

Interior of new 2018 Lexus LC Hybrid will be exactly the same as in regular LC version and as we`ve said, that isn`t problem because that cabin style is more than amazing. 5 lucky passengers can be inside and every one of them will enjoy the ride because it`s extra pleasant inside. Lexus did their best to keep the cabin soundproof so you can really enjoy. His seats are made from exclusive leather to keep him luxury inside as outside. Functions are definitely going to be only newest and most advanced ones so we are more than sure that all the buyers of new LC model will be pleased because there isn`t a thing that can make us don`t like this Lexus`s brand new model.

2018 Lexus LC Hybrid rear

2018 Lexus LC Hybrid Engine

Well, you have already know that biggest difference between regular and this new 2018 Lexus LC Hybrid is his engine. This new will going to be powered to the amazing engine unit which can do him only good. This time, he`s going to use 3.4-liter petrol engine in combination with 310 V lithium battery. This spectacular combination will be enough to produce 295 horsepower and around 256 lb/ft as his maximum torque amount. With this amount of power, new LC Hybrid will be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in only 5 seconds flat.  4-speed automatic transmission will be mated to this great engine and that is also going to be new thing that Lexus gave this new 2018 Lexus LC Hybrid.

2018 Lexus LC Hybrid interior

2018 Lexus LC Hybrid Price and Release Date

Definitely one model which is going to be wanted and it’s going to be pleasure to have it. This new 2018 Lexus LC Hybrid will have starting price of around $100.000 because it is really spectacular model and his release date will go somewhere around spring of 2018 or even sooner.

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