2018 Lexus ES Hybrid Exterior and Interior

There are a lot of rumors going on about a lot of Lexus`s vehicles because he`s currently one of the most wanted car producer on the market and because of that so many speculations are going on about his models, especially about the ones with hybrid engine options. One of those will be 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid which have that Hybrid trim level and that is what can ensure you popularity today when there are a lot of environmental friendly car customers. Let`s take a look on what new ES Hybrid will be equipped with so we`ll know if he could be leader in that hybrid category.

2018 Lexus ES Hybrid front

2018 Lexus ES Hybrid Exterior and Interior

We don`t even need to say to you that this new 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid will be the same look as his basic Lexus ES version and that`s ok because that look is really nice and great. Really nice shape and really nice dimensions are something that makes this sedan brilliant and functional because it`s going to have great aerodynamic abilities. With them, we know that his power can be raised, his mileage increased and his entire performances raised to the top. When we talk about some details which be newly added to this 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid and to his basic ES version we know that there will be newly developed LED lamps which are proved to use less energy than ever before which is more than great to put on some hybrid vehicle. Entire chassis should be made using aluminum as lightweight material and to make it stronger, 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid will add some carbon fiber details.

Interior design of new 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid will also to be exactly the same as on the basic Lexus ES and we are more than happy with it because the way it looks, it`s more than amazing. Lexus is Toyota`s luxury brand so you know that they`re trying to make their cars to be as luxury as it can be and to create it using amazing features and amazing materials. That can be mostly seen inside this model where almost everything will be made using premium leather and on the instrument board we can see some wooden details which present world`s most luxurious and most expensive combination. 5 passengers can fully enjoy the comfort new 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid offers and with the seat design he`s going to offer and with functional climate controller, it`s going to be more than pleasant to ride in this Lexus`s new hybrid vehicle.

2018 Lexus ES Hybrid side

2018 Lexus ES Hybrid Engine

Well, so far, we haven`t had any difference between regular ES and this new 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid and now we`ve came to the part where the difference is, his engine. Because this is great and luxury type of sedan we know that he must have powerful engine under his hood and according to the latest rumors we can hear about him, he’s going to use 2.0-liter petrol powered 4-cylinder turbocharged unit which will work together with perfect electric motor powered with lithium-ion battery. Together this amazing combination can give him power of around 200 horsepower which will be more than great for hybrid model. His fuel consumption will be way reduced but we still haven’t heard official estimations.

2018 Lexus ES Hybrid interior

2018 Lexus ES Hybrid Price and Release Date

His starting price and release date still aren’t officially announced from Lexus or Toyota. According to the latest rumors, new 2018 Lexus ES Hybrid will be released at the beginning of September of 2018 and his starting price will be around $50.000 for this hybrid model.

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