2018 Honda Insight Hybrid Price, Estimated Arrival Date

We know that new 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid will be perfect opponent for the Toyota`s Prius which is one of the finest all-electric model ever produced. This newest Insight is getting better over the years and since 1999 when his first generation was released until today, Insight made great improvement and it can be seen even on his exterior. This new Insight won`t be made with some huge aesthetic changes but it`s going to be improved when it comes to the performances. Let`s see what is new about new Honda`s Insight.

2018 Honda Insight Hybrid front

2018 Honda Insight Hybrid Exterior and Interior Review

As we`ve said, new 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid will look almost exactly the same as his previous generation. New Insight will be perfect minivan and it`s going to be designed in great shape and style. His edges will be sharp and his front part is lowered a bit this time. One way how Honda`s engineers have managed to made new Insight better is that they`ve gave him better chassis, made using mostly lightweight materials. When it comes to the details placed on the exterior design of new Insight, we must say that some of them will be changed after all. Headlights are longer, that is first thing we`re going to notice on his exterior.

Next to it, there will be longer grille which is expected to send more cool air to the engine this time. Both of the bumpers will be reinforced and that`s the way that Honda wants to make him safer. New 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid will be placed on 17.0-inch alloy wheels which will make him look perfect and classier than before. Also, Honda have announced that new Insight will be released with more exterior color choices than before which is great for the customers.

Interior design of new 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid will be great this time and improved when we compare him with his previous generation. For example, we`ve heard that new Insight will be released with more room for the passengers and for their cargo. Also, those seats will be released with better lumbar support and with more directions of adjustments. Instrument board for new 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid is released to be more massive and equipped with softer materials. Touchscreen on this instrument board will be bigger than before and there will be larger climate vents next to it. New Insight will have newly developed dual-zone climate controller that will make you feel perfectly pleasant inside. All the functions which will be installed inside new Insight are proved and certified. Most of them were present in the previous generation of Insight but with great software upgrades made.

2018 Honda Insight Hybrid side

2018 Honda Insight Hybrid Engine, Power, Transmission

It seems that this new 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid will have really special engine unit placed under his hood. We can say that because they still haven`t seen or heard any information about it. All that we`ve heard are the rumors. Those rumors are saying that new Insight will be powered using 2.0-liter petrol powered unit which will be combined with electric motor. That electric motor will work using lithium-ion batteries. Using only electric motor, new Insight can run over 40 miles which is great. Other than that, new Insight will have great power amount and amazing fuel consumption.

2018 Honda Insight Hybrid rear

2018 Honda Insight Hybrid Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2018 Honda Insight Hybrid will probably be around $35.000 and we expect to see new Insight at the streets at the beginning of March 2018.

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